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The Web’s Best Music Streaming Sites

Apparently, the music industry is currently in crisis. Illegally file-sharing leaked albums is hitting the bottom line of artists and record labels hard. They are therefore resorting to more creative methods to control the distribution of their new music. A favoured tactic seems to involve to giving their music away for free – Beady Eye recently made their first single available via a free download, for instance. As well as helping them control the flow of their new music, this also provides added marketing benefits in the future – obtaining email addresses and demographic information of their fans.

The most popular method used to fight the webs effects, though, is to play the same game and seize control of a new releases online hype (blogs music reviews etc…). Music streaming websites have now become the favourite place to legitimately listen to your favourite artist’s new album or single for free and, in most cases, before its official release.

Lets take a look at some of these music streaming sites

1) Spotify

The king of music streaming sites is Spotify. Launched in 2008, Spotify’s ever-growing database now has as just about every song you can think of. Designed with the same useful features as normal desktop media players (playlists, favourite tracks/artists etc…), Spotify’s recent ‘social-media upgrade’ now allows users to share their music preferences with their friends. Extensive artist biographies and suggested further listening functions give Spotify the feel of a complete online music community.

Spotify used to be free to everyone (the only shortcoming was that the free option came with adverts), but now a free subscriptions can only come via an invitation from a paying, ‘Premium’, subscriber.

2) We7

Although not quite as comprehensive or user-friendly as Spotify, We7 is slowly making a name for itself in the world of online music-streaming. Its rising popularity is mostly down to it being the music-steaming service of choice for a lot of popular music websites. Recently, the Gorillaz ‘Plastic Beach’ and Richard Ashcroft’s ‘United Nation’s of Sound’ have been transmitted around the net using the We7 widget.

What it lacks in functionality, We7 makes up for in accessibility. Unlike the subscription only Spotify, anyone can visit We7 and start listening to the latest music for free.


An oldie, but definitely a goody! lets users pick an artist, band or musical genre and begin listening to selected tracks straight away. Although it may seem a bit limited to some, is a great site to discover new artists and musical genres.

4) Grooveshare

Grooveshark is basically the web based version of Spotify, boasting similar functionality, useability and design. Where it differs is that Grooveshark streams music that other users have chosen to upload. Their aim is to rescue the music industry by generating a community of music lovers sharing their favourite tunes. Some artists, though, view Grooveshark’s music content as one massive copyright infringement, so don’t be surprised if your favourite songs disappear every now and then.

Finding the Best Place to Download Guitar Lessons

If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for the best place to download guitar lessons. I am about to tell you the things you should look for so you can begin playing the guitar and learn it well. When you download guitar lessons, you are given instructional videos and music books that will guide you through even the very basics. The videos will have an actual instructor that will show you correct methods for playing the guitar. It is essential you learn these methods the right way as practicing the wrong techniques will result in frustration and poor guitar skills.

The best thing about downloading guitar lessons is that you get to practice when you have the time and not on a set schedule. This makes it easy for those that want to get started in this hobby but do not have the time to practice with a teacher. If you are worried that learning from online lessons are not as good as having an actual teacher then do not fret at all. The teachers on instructional videos are not any different than having a live person in front of you. The great thing from learning from videos is that you are able to pause and practice the techniques for as long as you would like.

Since you are looking to download guitar lessons I would suggest reading reviews and checking out certain products that are available on the internet. There are plenty out there that are very affordable and gets the job done.

The Top 13 Most Influential Social Media Experts To Follow

Becoming an acclaimed expert in your field can boost your career and work wonders for your business. According to Dorie Clark, adjunct professor of Marketing at Duke University, “Becoming a recognised expert is the ultimate form of career security”.

The social media terrain is a major contributor to the world of digital and marketing expertise. More than 2 billion people currently use this avenue on a regular basis according to conservative estimates. This translates to billions of “Likes”, Tweets and YouTube views by about 25% of humans on the planet.

Social media experts have influenced careers and built brands by giving keynote addresses, providing the direction of content marketing and advising people on digital marketing. Some have even amassed great wealth and fortune when they condensed their knowledge into business manuals and best-selling books. Let’s look at some experts in this field and why they are called so.

1. Ekaterina Walter – She is one of the most influential Evangelists at Sprinkler – this is a complete management platform in social media that is based in New York. She has been ranked as the no.3 on the 2014 World top 40 social marketing talents. Aside from that, Fortune magazine included her on the top lists of most influential people in business along with Warren Buffet, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and other business tycoons.

2. Brian Clark – He is the founder and CEO of Copyblogger media platform. In 2014, Brian Clark was recognized as one of the top online social marketing experts and top 40 marketing talent by Forbes. He also created and launched an email newsletter called ” Further”, that provided tips and inspiration for general health improvement.

3. Glen Gilmore – He is one of the top social marketing strategists and also an attorney. Gilmore was also recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential and powerful experts in social media sites. Because of this, he has been described as the Twitter powerhouse.

4. Pam Moore – This professional expert was awarded as one of the top branding experts and one of the top 10 social influencers. This CEO and founder of marketing Nutz, is a top-notch social media influencer who has helped entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 brands with digital and marketing programs. She is an author, consultant and keynote speaker and was once ranked #13 in the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers by Forbes.

5. Rand Fishkin – He is the co-founder of former Seomoz and later called ‘Moz’. He is the founder of and was acclaimed as “knowing everything” about inbound marketing. He is also the a co-founder and co-author of “The art of SEO”.

6. Jeff Bullas – Forbes Social Media power Influencers voted him #14 and his blog is in the top 50 in marketing. He is a famous speaker, strategist, author and blogger in social media sites. Jeff Bullas has been recognized and ranked top in Forbes’s list of marketing talent, in addition to being ranked as the #1 most influential expert in content marketing globally. He is one of the foremost social marketing and digital marketing strategists in the horizon.

7. Mari Smith – She is a leader in the world of social media strategy, recognized because of her expertise in social marketing. Mari is one of the most influential experts recognized by Forbes.

8. Robert Scoble – He is well known because of Scobleizer and famous blog. Scoble is considered as one of the most influential online marketing experts to follow.

9. Gary Vaynerchuk – Another famous internet personality, public speaker, author, investor and entrepreneur. His contributions to social media marketing sites have been very helpful and productive to most marketers all over the world.

10. Amy Jo Martin – She is the CEO and founder of Digital Royalty, an education and social platform that helps athletes build teams, sports leagues, celebrities, companies, monetize and measure their digital marketing strategies. She became one of the social media experts because of her contribution to social media marketing strategy. She is one of the top social media experts to follow on Twitter.

11. Aleyda Solis – She is an international consultant who works with US, Latin American and European based companies. She is also recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential experts to follow on Social media because of her global contribution to social media marketing.

12. Angie Schottmuller – She has been acknowledged by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Online Marketers of 2015, in addition to being a top-notch marketing optimization advisor and speaker. She is the director of optimization and interactive strategy at ”3 deep marketing”, and an author of art institutes for online social marketing major.

13. Joe Pulizzi – Social media management reached a new height when he founded Content Marketing Institute, recognised by Inc. magazine in 2014 as the fastest growing business media company. Due to his content marketing introductions in several books, he is recognized as one of the most influential experts in social marketing. As one of the top social media experts to follow, he is a LinkedIn Influencer, writes a column for and is a regular writer for one of the most influential and irresistible content marketing blogs on the planet.

Translation Proxy – The Best Way to Localize Your Website?

Globalizing your website can be a hefty work, especially if your website supports any e-commerce application. Almost a decade ago, in 1996 to be exact, the percentage of English user on the internet was around 80 percent more. However, since then a lot has changed. With the beginning of 2000s, a new era was evoked and English becomes a second language to many people. Although, this has allowed English to become a standard language, but it has also opened platforms for people to expect content in their own language. It is because of this demand that only 27.3 percent of internet users demand English as their standard language.

Seems almost superficial, but it is true. Technology has allowed us to expect things and then make them happen. With the never ending availability of internet, people are taking charge, when not so long ago, they only demanded, they are now doing what they think should be done. This is there is a huge influx of companies wanting their websites to be translated into different languages. E-Commerce companies like Amazon and eBay have different versions for their different local markets, and companies like them need to have multilingual interface for their international clients.

However, it is not that easy to create new websites, especially if they are working on a global scale. Usually, such a website can take up to a year or sometimes even more to complete properly. Plus, it can be very expensive, especially if you are a startup in a new market where you need to be very careful about your investments.

The best way to avoid the extra cost is by using Translation Proxy. Translation Proxy seems like a very technical term, so let us break it down for you. Basically, Translation Proxy is like someone is translating your content in real time. You can take it as a person sitting in front of your website all the time and providing translations for the target market in real time. It is actually up to you if you want machine translation to be your Translation Proxy or real human translators.

This is actually done to keep it simple. Everything that needs to be translated will be in a proxy service. This is just like a Translation Memory tool, once a content is translated, it will be stored in the proxy server and can be used from there again and again. However, you will have to work with your translation service to add new content to the system. Although, it sounds simple, but it really is not. It solves your problem for a certain amount of time, but it is not a complete localization solution.

It is good to consider Translation Proxy for your system, but it is only a standby. First of all, it will be 80% machine translation. So no matter what precautions you take, they will read and sound robotic to the reader. In the end, you will have to use Human Translation for a better result. It is a great standby for the time when you are working on getting your website localized. But it is not a long term solution to your globalization needs.

The Cost of a Webmaster

If you have a website and are considering hiring someone to manage that website, you need to consider the cost of hiring a webmaster. When compared to the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time employee, outsourcing your website management needs to a professional webmaster may make a lot more sense.

How Much Does a Webmaster Cost?

This is a bit of a loaded question. The answer is as simple as it is complicated… it depends! Every website has different management needs, therefore the cost of managing it will be different from one website to another.

Webmasters also charge differing fees. Some base it on a standard hourly fee, while others offer monthly or annual packages. You could see pricing online ranging from $10 a hour for an international webmaster to a few thousand a month for a professional webmaster that is focused on only a couple clients.

The thing to remember is that in this marketplace, you truly get what you pay for in webmasters. At $10 a hour, you are most likely considering someone overseas that works in a different time zone, offers only a select few options in management and manages a hundred or more clients at a time. At several thousand dollars a month, you should expect a dedicated webmaster with few other clients and a wide range of services.

Outsourcing Vs. Direct Hire

One of the considerations is whether to outsource or hire internally. Here the cost difference can be even greater. Let’s look at an example…

According to, the average salary for a webmaster can range from $45,000 to over $105,000 a year, depending on location and experience. Add to that the costs of employee benefits, such as insurance and retirement, and the additional taxes required for social security and unemployment, and you can see how the costs can really add up!

If outsourcing to a professional webmaster can range from $10 a hour to a few thousand a month, you could see annual costs from less than $1,000 to upwards of $30-40,000 a year, depending on your needs, the services offered by the webmaster and the number of clients the webmaster works with. The more the webmaster charges, they should offer more options and work with less clients, providing you more exclusive attention.

John, with Widgets Galore, is seeking someone to manage their company website. They need a website manager to update content on a weekly basis, optimize their content and keep the software up to date. Adding social content and email marketing would be secondary needs, if their budget can handle it. Doing some research, John has found a professional webmaster that works with only a handful of clients with a monthly cost of about $600 to provide all their needs. Doing some simple math, the annual cost of this webmaster would run John’s company only $7,200 a year, much less than hiring a full time employee, or even a part-time employee. Given the major difference in costs, you should seriously consider a webmaster service over hiring an employee to manage your organization’s website.

Originally published by Ed Nailor at as The Cost of a Webmaster []. Web Manager Services is an affordable and professional website management service, saving you thousands every year over hiring a full time employee! For more information on affordable webmaster services [], visit today.